Project QA for Company in Crisis

The objective of the Project QA was to work hand and hand with the project team, key users, stakeholders, business process owners and executive team and assess the customer service, supply chain, finance and logistic processes, the corresponding systems and to provide a competency assessment on a randomized list of employees. The client was in crisis mode 6 months after their SAP go-live. Service levels had plummeted, customers had lost their patience and employees did not know where to turn. Our SME and process experts conducted a rapid assessment that included preparation, clearing, deepening and reporting for the processes configured in SAP including SD, FICO, MM, WM and APO. Findings & Recommendations were tailored into an Improvement Plan which were presented to the executive team and action plans were put in-place for the business and project team. Our Change Management team performed an assessment on the people including management, supervisors, key users and end users. The assessment included a business competency analysis, measured if users were fit for their roles in terms of their specific business function process knowledge, systems capability, upstream and downstream process knowledge, integrated data, reporting/KPIs, troubleshooting and overall effectiveness. The detailed findings were reviewed with Human Resources and the recommendations on how to improve the specific competencies were reviewed with the executive team.