Custom Object Code Review and Assessment - Prepare for S/4 HANA Migration

The migration to S/4 HANA requires that existing ECC Custom Object Code (RICEF) be upgraded (remediated) to S/4 standards so that it will continue to operate after the migration. Doing this remediation prior to an S/4 HANA migration reduces the cost and timeline of the actual implementation.

Typically, Custom Object Code has been written over a number of years during and after the original SAP implementation, often using older coding standards. These custom objects either work or can be forced to work in ECC, but they may not work in S/4 HANA unless the code is remediated.

Three key differences between ECC and S/4 HANA are a change in table structures, field length extensions and the replacement of BSEG with ACDOCA (Universal Ledger). These require mandatory changes to the ECC Custom Object Code. The effort and time required to make these changes is substantial, so knowing more about your Custom Object Code and what needs to be done lets you make a more accurate estimate of the effort.

In less than one month and at a low cost, Tenthpin can perform a ‘Custom Code Review and Assessment’. The objective of the project is the successful review and analysis of all existing custom object code.

During the project we analyze:

  • Coding practices and standards
  • Object type and usage
  • Stakeholder identifications
  • Custom Code with optimization potential
  • Objects that can be replaced with an advanced variant
  • S/4 impact areas (if the code is remediated and optimized in ECC first or if the code is remediated in S/4 only)

The results we deliver are:

  • Detailed MS Excel workbook of what code is sub-standard and what needs to be done to remediate it in ECC and S/4:
    • Complete list of custom objects (RICEFs)
    • Active or inactive
    • Usage type across all SAP modules
    • User (user ID), frequency and last date used
    • Source systems and object authors
    • Impact and severity
    • Priority ranking of objects to be remediated, based on usage, and what needs to be done in ECC and S/4 HANA
    • List of optimization areas - outdated and non-standard custom code and what it would look like after optimization/updating
  • MS PowerPoint presentation of analysis results and recommendation for path forward to remediate the Custom Object code

We recently conducted a Custom Code Review Assessment for a privately owned mid-size client with diverse businesses in crude oil processing, transportation and refined products. Below are some summary reports from the assessment.

Next, we will work with you and your internal teams to conduct a deeper dive into the data to gain an understanding from the perspective of the business user. Armed with this information and data you can make an informed decision about the path forward. Knowing more about your Custom Object Code and what needs to be done lets you make a more accurate estimate of the resources, cost and time required to prepare your code for the migration to S/4 HANA.


To summarize, the changes in S/4 HANA require the remediation of existing Custom Object Code. Tenthpin has the deeply experienced people, tools and a strong project discipline to ensure you have the best information and data you need to plan your S/4 migration.

Contact our industry experts at Tenthpin Management Consultants if you would like to learn more.

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