Change Management for Global Medical Device Rollout

The objective of our involvement was to wildly improve Stakeholder Engagement, project communications and remove organization resistance…needed a paradigm shift from the traditional informed stakeholder to the visible and credible stakeholder, actively involved, delivering and cascading the messaging to the business. We used our change management principles to help a medical device business transform how they performed their SAP rollouts. We identified many stakeholders from the President to the Head of Customer Service. With the stakeholders, we held kick-off, met face-to-face, performed change management education, coached stakeholders and ensured active participation in the SAP program. They now understood their role. Project communications were measured at the executive level, management/supervisor, project team and end user level. We ensured the business was in-the-know of what changes were coming and performed education where the impacts were greatest. In all, the project was measured by the success of the rollouts and the end user adoption of the new processes. The end users indicated success was due to leadership involvement.