Life at Tenthpin

Our foundational values are trust, quality and integrity. Our consultants are highly experienced in solving complex business challenges in rapidly evolving environment and they would deliver outcomes as promised with highest standards in timely manner. You would be presented with only the best and brightest problem solvers who possess rigor, tenacity, innovative thinking, industry acumen and collaborative work ethics.

Tenthpin Consultants are

  • passionate about their clients’ success
  • enthusiastic to take up new challenges
  • curious and constantly learning
  • dedicated to highest quality

We are always looking for individuals who are obsessed about customers, enjoy problem solving, looking for challenging tasks and believe in teamwork. In addition, if you have deep expertise in following areas, reach out to us. We want to talk to you.

  • S4 HANA (All the modules)
  • Analytics and Data Management
  • Digital Transformation
  • Process Expertise in R&D, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Finance and Sales & Marketing
  • M&A and Divestitures

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Voices of Tenthpin

Jessica Luzio

Associate, Portugal

"Working for Tenthpin means always being valued. Tenthpin cares about their people and you really feel like you are making the difference.
Working with people from all around the world makes the experience richer and the learning curve shorter not only professionally but also personally.
We have great people, and more than everything we have fun together!"

Keith Moss

Advisor, United Kingdom

“Working alongside such knowledgeable and experienced colleagues really enables us at Tenthpin to make a positive difference to our clients.  Having a wide range of clients within such a dynamic Industry means the work is always fresh and interesting, and offers fantastic opportunities to develop new skills.”

Alexandra Gummels

Advisor, Germany

"It is fun to work with people you know for years and which you consider friends. Tenthpin is not “Work”, it is working with friends together on demanding projects and successfully delivering to the clients satisfaction.
It is always an amazing feeling, when we all spend time together and share stories and update us on what happened since we last met."

Joao Monteiro

Advisor, Portugal

"Being a part of Tenthpin has for me a sense of belonging.
Our vision and culture fit is what I always aimed for in a working place.
I can grow at multiple levels and in the end truly say that my life, is indeed a life at Tenthpin."

Jorge Cardoso

Advisor, Portugal

"At Tenthpin we have the opportunity to define our path in the consulting business: by being able to deliver projects with excellence, supported by a very experienced, diverse and multinational team; by being creative and innovative in the development of the internal portfolio of solutions to the market; by making the difference and being the reference in our global clients; last but not least, by having fun and celebrating our achievements with our team!"

Chris Yuen

Advisor, Germany

"I was excited when I started with Tenthpin as it felt as I am working with friends again, even with my colleagues that I never worked with. I am happy to have the possibility to talk to everyone in the company directly and to get the possibility to work together on cutting edge topics. Being seen by the customer as someone who can make a difference is a bonus."

Sandra Stenersen

Advisor, Germany

"Tenthpin is on the one hand small enough to know most of my colleagues personally who all have a great team spirit and on the other hand big enough to be engaged in international projects.  Working as a consultant always means to be flexible and facing new clients and challenges. To be successful in this environment you need a reliable basis and that is why I am working as a consultant for Tenthpin."

Sven Trippel

Advisor, Germany

"I enjoy that Tenthpin gives me the opportunity that matches my personality both personally and professionally. I appreciate the challenges of working on large scale global projects while still always putting our clients first and keeping the goal of making them successful. Even though client focus is always the top priority, I also like the work life balance that Tenthpin provides."

Kim Cox

Finance and Operations, USA

“Tenthpin as a company is set a class-apart mainly due to its people.  In my 25 year career, I have never been more pleased with my colleagues. The spirit of collaboration and authenticity is refreshing and inspiring. I joined Tenthpin eager to bring my expertise to their growing needs, but am continually astonished by how much I am learning and growing, more than I ever have before. The COVID-19 virus has upset businesses all over the world. But the positive culture at Tenthpin is like no other, especially during these unprecedented times. The talent here is beyond comparison. Being surrounded by innovators and “outside the box” thinkers has opened my eyes to new potential and possibilities. Real world change is happening inside our organization and through partnerships with our clients. I am thrilled to be a part of it. It’s an exciting time to be at Tenthpin.”

Kim Cox