Technology Solutions

In our technology practice we design and develop solutions for our clients to drive innovation and digitization. Finding the best approach for each use case by leveraging state of the art technologies.

Solution Engineering

Together with our clients we develop digital solutions to innovative business processes. From loose ideas we build products that work and accompany the client from idea to implementation.

Our solutions combine the digitalization of processes, data management and analytics. Our solutions span from virtualization of R&D processes to improved patient experience.

Our development teams work closely with our Business and Technology Consultants, ensuring solutions that provide business value and are implemented in time and budget.

Solution Enhancement

Based on our deep expertise in SAP we enhance core ERP functionalities. Being SAP partner and an independent technology advisor, we are best positioned to provide assessment to implementation services for SAP’s accelerator packages, and to quickly build IoT solutions specific to meet business needs.

Solution Partnerships

As an independent advisor with deep business and technology expertise we are well embedded in todays technology eco-system. We have build partnerships with some of the most innovative and disruptive start-up companies and established solution providers to find the best fit solution for our clients.  Through our broad expertise in the market we offer our clients unbiased advise.