Virtualization of Projects - Webinar on 15th July 2020

Thank you for joining Tenthpin's Webinar on “Virtualization of Projects” held on 15th July 2020 at 5pm CET

The webinar tried to answer the question if complex projects can be efficiently run 100% remotely?

We focused on the following aspects:

  • What is different about managing a virtual project?
  • Are there any showstoppers when setting up 100% virtual projects?
  • What are the typical pitfalls when running a virtual project?
  • How would team-building work for virtual projects?
  • How would design workshops be run without physical presence?
  • Would virtualization vary for different industries?

We thank you for your participation in the webinar and hope that you found the session useful. If you were unable to attend the webinar then you can go through the recording below. Please feel free to reach out to us for further questions and feedback on

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Stay safe and healthy!

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