THE GOLD STANDARD…..Are your Medical Device business processes ready?

Within the Medical Device industry, companies are increasingly facing new complex business and IT challenges managing high value equipment, loaners and rentals, while providing customers with the highest levels of service.

Many of these companies specialize in loaning and servicing of expensive medical equipment (diagnostic imaging systems, patient monitoring systems, MRI machines, etc) or rental of surgical and medical instruments (orthopedic instruments, optical diagnostic apparatuses, etc) or surgical appliances and supplies (surgical kits, implants, etc) and it is not only essential to keep stock at optimized levels, but it is critical to have clear visibility and traceability of serialized finished products.

In order to provide the highest levels of customer service, batch managed and serialized inventory must be replenished at optimized levels while accurately reflecting any location changes and recording usage. Without the correctly designed IT solutions, managing inventory supply levels becomes inefficient, logistics are disrupted and planning service calls for customers becomes unsustainable.

Life Sciences is a highly regulated sector and Medical Device companies must comply with strict global regulatory requirements while operating within a market that is seeing dynamic growth and competition. In the event that a recall needs to be issued, is your company able to quickly track and trace finished products across the globe?

Whether it’s providing customers with the highest levels of service, managing high value equipment, loaners and rentals or streamlining planning and logistics, Tenthpin understands these unique challenges and has been helping clients leverage their current IT landscape while designing detailed Medical Device solutions to meet their business-critical processes.

At Tenthpin, with our deep industry expertise, we can perform our Rapid Quality Assurance Assessment and return a detailed finding and recommendations report on Business Processes, Systems, Data and People. Our Rapid Quality Assurance Assessment model consists of 4 key phases: Preparation, Clearing, Deepening and Final Report. As your trusted advisor, we can provide a neutral analysis against Industry Best Practices and provide the recommendations you need to achieve the highest levels of optimization across your business.

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