Is your PMO delivering the value you expected?

Companies today are continuously developing new products, services, and technologies. The resulting project culture leads to the challenge of managing projects effectively. Therefore, many organizations have invested in Program and Project Management organizations (PMO). These organizations often work well for standard projects. However, in a more complex environment, we have noticed the following pattern:

  1. Lack of content: PMOs are experts in methodology, not content or technology
  2. Lack of authority: with a lack of content comes a lack of authority
  3. Lack of acceptance: complex projects require a different type of PMO skill-set to gain stakeholder acceptance and add value

How do we resolve this?

Tenthpin Management Consultants have a Program and Project Management practice that goes beyond the provision of Program and Project administrative services. We provide experts who bring substantial know-how about processes and technologies. Our consultants are trained both in consulting and soft skills to run PMO services with impact. Two examples highlighting the differences:

  1. Politics and power: Whereas a conventional PMO understands the project organizations, the Value PMO (trained in both consulting and soft skills) seeks to understand the formal and informal power within the relevant organizations.
  2. Methodology: Not just seeking to understand the methodology, a Value PMO understands the purpose and background of the methodology and can provide best practice alternatives where applicable without jeopardizing compliance.

The Value PMO collaborates with a conventional PMO to bring most value on complex projects and is most suited for the strategic type of PMO organizations.

What is the result?

A few examples of the results of our services:

  1. Project reporting does not just follow predefined measures. It is turned from day-to-day quantitative measures into valuable information and detects issues and risks earlier.
  2. Risk Management: we actively manage risks from the first indication to a quantified and qualified result with tangible measures and actions.
  3. Project planning is more than Microsoft project magic. We provide estimates based on benchmarks and experience and can proportion the work into realistic sprints.

How can Tenthpin Management Consultants help you?

Tenthpin has the knowledge and experience to unlock the value of your investment in PMO Services. All our consultants have a unique ‘Tenthpin’ DNA: tech-savvy with a deep understanding of the intricacies of the industry as well as the deliverables of high-value programs. 

Contact our industry experts at Tenthpin Management Consultants if you would like to learn more.

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About the Author

Eckhard Draeger

Partner & Member of the Executive Board - Switzerland

Eckhard is a leader in our digital transformation & finance practice.