Diversified Industries

Tenthpin has helped clients engaged in Oil & Gas, Natural Resources & various subsectors of manufacturing to address disruptive challenges and implement pragmatic solutions to drive growth.

Oil & Gas

The Oil & Gas sector consists of companies involved in the exploration, production, or management of energy resources such as oil and gas, as well as companies that service these industries. The upstream space benefits from higher prices for crude oil and natural gas, but with the rapid increase in supply that continues to transform the North American landscape, there is pressure to optimize capital projects and operational costs with asset management, analytics and performance improvement. Midstream companies are doing well with increased supply however there is continued pipeline congestion requiring capital pipeline projects to be managed effectively. Downstream companies are focused on optimization of their lubricants and commercial facing business and innovation of new products to keep their competitiveness. They are investing in scale and making their refinery and lubricant operations highly efficient, automated and lower their overall cost of manufacturing. Oil field service companies are working to complete their post-merger integrations and focus on new operating models and performance improvement across business.

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Diversified Manufacturing

The Diversified  Manufacturing sector consists of companies involved in areas of capital projects, construction and building products, natural resources (including metals/mining & forest products), automotive, food & consumer products and discrete manufacturing industries. Global end to end supply chain, trade, supply network design, and operations execution impact the performance of these industries.  These industries can benefit from digitization to become future ready, innovate and go to market faster, and optimize bottom line performance utilizing digitized processes, analytics, AI and IOT.

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