Agriculture & Chemicals

We collaborate with clients in agriculture and chemicals to adopt and transform their business for globalization, digitization and innovation in an agile manner.


Agriculture companies are faced with a very complex supply chain of global growers and farming consumers in the growing world. Sources of new land are limited and scarce while global demand is putting pressure on need for higher yields. Weather, regulatory and trade flow disruptions also impact the movement across the global supply chain from growers to producers. On the other hand the market of large cooperatives and small retail consumers are becoming more digitally aware requiring additional transparency of inventory, pricing, quality and product availability across the supply chain.

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Specialty Chemicals

We help Specialty Chemical Companies with their strategic digital transformation journey across the business. Strategic clients are demanding flexibility and agility moving from large blanket orders to flexible order sizes and lead times causing disruption of their supply chain of intermediates and finished goods. In addition to supply chain visibility their clients are requiring  pricing transparency putting pressure on the profitability and cost structure of these companies. We support in digital transformation in R&D innovation, manufacturing effectiveness, track and trace in quality and supply chain and integrated business planning across finance, operations, supply chain and commercial areas. We advise clients in achieving post-merger integration synergies, performance improvement across business process from Innovation to Cash driven by industry KPIs and helping the business stakeholders with value realization.

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Petroleum refining involves fractionation, straight distillation of crude oil and cracking. Petrochemical development until mid 2020s will depend in large part on emerging economies. These markets will witness a steep rise in value, causing suppliers to focus their efforts on developing economies instead of developed economies. Meanwhile, in more mature markets, innovation will prove a key point between competitors seeking to maintain and increase market share in these regions. Innovation will mostly be focused on cutting costs and boosting efficiency. We can help the Petrochemical clients with our global presence in North America, Europe and Asia with globalization and performance improvement across their business.

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